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On the 6th of April, 2018, we visited Cambridge to see a few of the sites where it all began back in the late 70s and also got to see the British IBM play a set at a local pub! It was brilliant to finally meet the band and see them play after a few years of working with them 'online'. A great bunch of folks and awesome to see play live. Do so, if you get the chance, and, in the meantime, go and back their Patreon for early access and special content ;-)

Naturally, we paid a visit to the Centre for Computing History too.

You can download a little proggy I wrote for the Elk/Beeb to immortalise the trip too! (a DFS .ssd disc image). There's a video of it running here.

This is as close as we could get to the Acorn / Acornsoft offices where it all began at 4a Market Hill. Nice to see though!

Here is the office space at 6A King's Parade, used by Chris Curry just prior to starting Acorn, when Clive Sinclair installed him to start Science of Cambridge as a Sinclair spin-off.

the 'Baron of Beef' pub on Bridge St, frequented by Curry and Sinclair and of course the site of the infamous discord in the Micro Men film when Sinclair batters Curry with the rolled-up newspaper. Whatever actually happened there, would have loved tro have been a spectator!

Here I am, a few decades late, seeing if anyone shows up lol.

The famous site of the old Sinclair building on Willis Rd, as seen in Micro Men and also in this Sinclair footage from bitd, no longer has the large Sinclair sign but still marked!



Later that day we got to see the British IBM play a live set at the Blue Moon pub; what a perfect way to finish this day of vintage computing!

It was so nice to finally meet the guys and spend a bit of time with tme, and to see them play was amazing.

Here's some footage, recording dodgily on my mobile with the obligatory finger over some of the shot haha. You get the idea though ;-)

the Micro Men of Cambridge