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Hey, my name is Stuart and you can contact me with the buttons above, if you like (;

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This picture (digitised using Image2BBC on my PC and then transferred across to the Electron using the UPURS suite) shows my lovely wife and I; without her patience and understanding I don't think my retro hobby would get much attention!

I can often be found hanging around the StarDot Acorn Forum so see you there!

If you like, you can see some of the stuff I've done catalogued over at Demozoo.

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I was given my Electron for Christmas, 1983, when I was nine years old. Here's a picture of my brother and my father helping me get to grips with it, that first day!

Vast amounts of time were spent playing games & typing in listings for programs from Electron User.... with mixed results and always as long spent error checking!

The Elk remained in the original setup throughout the 80's, with just a Radio Shack cassette deck and Commander 3 joystick interface, though there were many peripherals I had my eye on, Now, decades on, I have begun to build up the hardware collection, though some items are very hard to find!

I have fond memories of evenings spent playing Elite with my brother. He passed away in 2002 and I would like this website to be dedicated to him.

chrimbo 83

Also, I've got a bit of a hobby of making music with the 'Electrog rig' and sounds sampled from the Electron.

If you'd like to, you can hear a bit of it here.


Without straying too far from the subject of vintage Acorns, anyone who knows any of my art or music will know that the direction it has taken has been greatly influenced by the way our world is quickly becoming the Dystopian horror that sci-fi writers predicted not so long ago.

Lauri Love sums it up perfectly in the quote you see here (taken from some words he spoke at the Solidarity Vigil for Julian Assange in 2018) - hopefully he won't be too offended by my artistic interpretation of him in the digital sketch that accompanies it! This was drawn in GIMP on the PC ;)


If you're into Public Domain too, and want a new theme for Firefox that shows that off with an Electron twist, you can always grab this one that i made.


" ... and I did all day, oblivious to the real world around me. In two short days I had changed from an almost normal guy into a computer nerd and a text adventure addict!"
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