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Over the years I have dabbled in making music in a lot of different ways, from playing bass guitar in a goth/melodic metal band called 'Dead But Dreaming' in the 90s (examples 1 ('Aftermath' our own song), 2 ('Eighteen' our own song) and 3 ('Teethgrinder' a cover version we did) and a shed tonne more that's flying around on cassettes somewhere) to chiptune stuff on C64 and Atari ST.

For posterity, here are the three albums released during the last ten years, all zipped up and cozy:


UNPLUG - 2016 to 2019



Deeper into Space

Deeper into Space

Electron-based Music Here we are! Autumn 2020, the year of the worldwide COVID-19 chapter! Music-wise, I just fiddle around with the 'Electrog Rig' and sample the Acorn Electron on my Akai S2000.

the ELECtrog rig

So now we press onward to tracks made with a strong Electron presence ;) As I make them, I will upload the tunes here:

(On most desktop browsers, the tunes should open and play in a new window, or just right-click to download, in mobile browsers, the tunes might just download)

PS: ogg is cool. If you want ogg format, let me know.

open access - every few months I seem to do a different version of the incredibly powerful 2008 Guerilla Open Access Manifesto set to music.

Because, always remember Aaron Swartz.

This version replete with samples of the Electron keys and beeps for the staple of the beat.

1982 - made in OpenMPT with samples from the Acorn Electron (the beat and a bunch of other stuff), Atari STe (bassline and some lead) and vocals from 'the Computer Programme' S1E1 (BBC2, 1982). Cover art is ANSI with text added in GIMP.

explorer 2020
Space Explorer: a journey through the depths (live, 2020) A tune that I wrote a while back in the EFA days, updated here with a spoken introduction. Watch the video below! Cover art drawn in GIMP, PC.

Lauri Love: fan-track #3 The third track in my fan-series of Lauri Love tracks! Features the unmistakable clitter clatter of the Electron keys and the power-up beep. Cover art drawn on the Electron, text and colour added on PC.

Space Explorer - a journey through the Depths