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One of my biggest passions on all the computer systems that I use is creating digital art; in the case of the Electron I use AMX Art along with the AMX mouse, hooked up through the User Port of the EUP board.

a few of the pictures
Here's a few examples of the stuff I've had a go at on the elk over the years; there's a ton more in some of the disk releases (the Elkshows, etc., as well as stuff released through the Mistigris demoscene group and some other places).

Artwork created on the Electron has also been used for my music cover artwork over the years; the most recent stuff is on the music page.

Anyhow, here's a few to give you and idea:

Stoo Cambridge


LL parrot

Aaron Swartz

gum and bat




Most of the artwork for the software i've done for the elk has been created in AMX, such as these for Corporation8 that you can see in the video here.

Grab all these programs over on the Downloads page.


I try to do the label art in AMX too, just like this floppy diskette label for ZAOR! The cassette version was done in AMX too, but that version had some text and formatting added on the PC afterward.

I like to draw on other systems too; ANSI, C64, PC/GIMP, etc.. most of that art ends up in the releases that you can find archived over on Demozoo under 'the Elk/Mistigris'.

If there is anything that I can draw for you, give me a shout.

Dave Brock

Laszlo Kreizler


Alyx Magyk fan-art


ANSI mist

ANSI shira

ANSI tumnus