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I've gathered a bit of Electron-related paperwork over the years; I will slowly be adding scans to here ;) just click the link; it'll open in a new tab for you to read/download.

an Acorn Warranty Card

Our Acorn Warranty Card that came with 06-ALA01-0006180 BITD... looks like we never sent it off!

a letter from Acorn

We had great trouble with the Introductory Cassette that came with our Electron, so Dad got onto the kind folks at Acorn and they sent us out another copy... after loosing our first letter and a phone call by the look of it :)

AMX Art manual

Is there another way to draw with the Electron? Not for me, at least! Here's the manual.

JAFA Mode 7 Simulator ROM

The instruction manual for this wonderous ROM from JAFA. MD 7 comes to the Electron!

PRES Product Guide

A guide to the addons available from PRES bitd; a bit like that lovely double page ad they used to run in EU that had you dreaming of all the bits you'd love to get for youe Elk when you had no money to do it :)

PRES AP3 - guide to spare ROM socket

The gen you need on the handy spare ROM socket that's inside your A.P.3 floppy i/f from PRES.

PRES AP2 ROM guide

Information on the A.P.2 replacement ROM from PRES for your PLUS 1.

Notes on PMS and NTQ...

possibly supplied by ACP/PRES? I cannot remember where I got these so can't shed more light i'm afraid!

Poster Package info

Some of the main fonts and the sizing guide for the Poster Package from M.Bobrowsi.

Radio Shack Cassette Player

Manual for the CCR-81 cassette player from Radio Shack - my only data source for the Elk all through the 80s!

SLOGGER joystick i/f

Manual for the excellent joystick interface from Slogger.

SLOGGER's Electron Expansion 2

Manual for the replacement ROM (2) for use in your ROMBOX, Plus 1, etc., from Slogger.

SLOGGER's Tape to Disc ROM (version 2)

The manual for the ROM that allowed the saving of tape games to disc.

SLOGGER's guide to the MRB

Introduction to the Master RAM Board from Slogger.

SLOGGER's installation guide for the MRB

How to fit your new Master RAM Board from Slogger to your Elk.